It's beautiful mobile bank account.

Spend with your Varo Visa® Debit Card* and pay $0 ATM fees at 55,000+ Allpoint ATMs worldwide— along with $0 minimum balance fees, $0 foreign transaction fees, and no overdraft fees.

It’s ALL your accounts in one place.

Varo allows you to seamlessly link your other checking, credit cards, loans, and savings accounts to see everything on one screen.

It’s a cash stash/jam jar/mattress fund—on your phone.

With Varo, you can set spending goals and track your progress, so you can sit back and watch your balance grow.

Your unexpected expenses, covered.

Varo Flexible Credit^ helps you stabilize your finances by offering a line of credit to help cover unanticipated expenses or smooth out cash flow.

Get the app, and Open your Varo Bank Account Today. 

"Varo seems like a good way to maximize your efficiency, get a quick overview, and also dive deeper, without needing to use a bunch of different mobile apps."

Michael R.

New York

"Varo will take care of me in the background, so my money stays on track even if I'm forgetful."

Keiko M.

Los Angeles

"Varo can help me grow my savings and reduce my debt. I like the positive reinforcement Varo uses to keep me motivated."

Anya C. 

San Francisco

"Varo will help me keep my bank balance on track. It's peace of mind. And I'm learning to be financially independent."

Joshua B.